House Rules & Custom Policy for Hotels

Usage of Swimming Pool is on chargeable basis.

Property is Pet Friendly and we charge for the same.

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no un married couple allowed

While some elements of the pet policy are listed below, please contact the hotel directly for details prior to arrival at the hotel. 


1. The hotel management reserves the right to allow pets.

2. Pets are allowed in select room categories (Deluxe Room Garden View, Premium Cottages, Premium Sea view Villa)  at additional pet charges, applicable as per the hotel’s policy.

3. If your pet is in the room, you are required to be present when any service is being provided and your pet must be restrained at the time (on a leash for dogs).

4. Pets must be restrained (on a leash for dogs) at all times while leaving the room, in the gardens and adjoining areas.

5. Pets are not allowed in restaurants, banquet areas, lobby lounge, swimming pool & poolside, fitness centre & spa

pets are not allowed

i want to close my aap

BDM number please

Hello Team,

My property is not getting listed, it has been long time pending. please help me with make the property live.


My property is  listed with MMT but not Activated, showing " Bank Details to be verified by MMT" . Can someone please help  Verify Bank details and Activate.

I am also  not receiving OTPs on my Mobile phone.  I need urgent  hep with  the above issues as been pending for months now.

I mailed you on 28th June to my BDM for renaming my hotel but you haven't done renaming yet.
And also did not get ZM contact number and ZM mail is is wrong,
my BDM is not supportive and You are not providing ZM contact number,
Is this the way of your business???

Even after that, I called BDM many times and also sent taxes but still he's not doing it and it is affecting our business as well.

He just has to do 3 changes for my hotel and my hotel business but you are not supporting me in that too

If you don't give us support, then how can we do business with you and you will not get any benefit from this.

Business is needed by you as well as by us, which will not happen with unsupportive BDM & ZM.
So please support us by providing a supportive BDM & ZM.

Property is being showing inactive/ for re-listing it is said contact BDM. After repetitive mails no response from any anyone. High season and no one supporting. Quite frustrating situation.

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