Guests can check 'Policies and House Rules' on Makemytrip and Goibibo websites respectively, while making any booking. 'Policies' are also present on the 'Guest Booking Voucher' so that guests may read and know of all the policies before the check-in.

'House Rules' are more relevant for properties like Homes, Villas, Apartments, Unique Stays, etc. The host may also schedule 'guest chat templates' for sharing 'House Rules' with the guests before the check-in date to ensure that the guest is aware about the rules and guidelines defined by the host. Guest chat templates can be scheduled using the 'Guest Messages' tab.


If the 'Guest Chat' feature is not live for your property, please get in touch with your Business Development Manager.


Click here to check and update your property's Policies and House Rules.

Watch this video to know more about General Policies.