Content Score' is a metric on the Ingommt extranet to measure the quality and quantity of the content for your property. The Content Score takes into account all the details which appear on MakeMyTrip and Goibibo consumer apps and websites for your property. The below parameters form the Content Score of your property 

  • Property Images 
  • Room Images 
  • Image Tagging  with relevant tags like facade, reception, entrance, etc. 
  • Amenities available at your property / room 
  • Safety and Hygiene related images with relevant tags 
  • Safety and Hygiene related amenities 
  • Room details like ‘Bed Type’, ‘Bed Size’, Extra Bed Type, ‘Room size’ and ‘Room view’. For properties like Homestays, Villas, Apartments, etc. 'Master Room’ and ‘Sub-room’ details will also be considered in Content Score 

To check your property's 'Content Score,' you just need to follow these simple steps: 

Step 1:  Login to the Ingommt  Extranet:   


Step 2: You will find your property's ‘Content Score’ on the right bottom of the ‘Dashboard’.      


Step 3: Click on the ‘See all improvement areas’ option to check content score improvement parameters given under the Analytics section and take relevant actions to improve your content score.


Watch this video to know more about Content Score.

Click here to improve Content Score of your property.

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