Your property’s address and locality must be correctly mentioned on the portal. This will not only help the guests to locate the property easily but will also improve the visibility of your property in search results. Many travellers use the locality filter to find a suitable accommodation, hence, it is very important to mention the correct locality name for your property.  You may follow the below-mentioned steps to update the address & locality of your property.


Step 1: Login to the Ingommt Extranet-  

Step 2: Under the ‘Dashboard’ section, click on the 'Property’ tab and choose the 'Basic info' option.



Step 3: Scroll down to the ‘Property Address’ section and enter your property’s address in the ‘Street Address’ box. 

Step 4: In the 'Locality' box, enter the correct locality name. In case you can’t find the locality in the dropdown list, you may contact your Business Development Manager to get your locality created.


Step 5: Once all updates are done, click on 'Save and Continue' to save the changes successfully.


Click here to update the correct address and locality of your property.