You can upload photos of your property in a few simple steps.


Step 1: Login to Ingommt Extranet:  

Step 2: Click on the 'Property’ tab and click on 'Photos.'


Step 3: Click on 'Upload Photo', and choose photo(s) from your gallery. You can upload 5 photos of your property at once. 

Note: Minimum resolution of an image should be 1000*1000 pixels and size upto 10 MB. Duplicate photos will be rejected. 



Step 4: Choose the correct 'tag' for your photo from the list of available tags.


Step 5: On the same screen, you can also update the description of the images. These descriptions will be of help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).



Step 6: On the same screen, click on a specific room name and then click on 'Upload Photo'. You should ideally upload pictures of the room from different angles highlighting room amenities. You can also include pictures of the bathroom.



Generally, High quality images can attract travellers towards making a booking.

Watch our quick tutorial on 'How to add and delete photos in the InGo-MMT Extranet ' to learn more.


Click here to update the 'photos.'