Improving the ‘Content Score’ of the property is important to provide travellers with relevant information and inspire them to book your property with appealing content. To improve the 'Content Score' of the property, you may work on the following parameters:  

Photos: The most critical component of 'Content Score' is 'Photos'. To get good Content Score, Upload  'high quality images' of your property and images of each room available at your property. Don't forget to 'Tag' your 'Photos' and write description for them. Correct image tagging can improve the visibility of your property on Google searches.  


Amenities: Updating correct amenities is essential. Travellers are particular about the kind of facilities they want while choosing a stay for their vacation. You must update all the amenities property and room level amenities offered by you.


Room Details: Mention room size, bed type, extra bed type and room view (if any).  


Safety and Hygiene Content: Safety and hygiene is of prime importance for travellers these days. Updating Safety and Hygiene related photos with relevant tags is critical. Make sure to you also update amenities related to safety and Hygiene available at your property and rooms. 


Other Details: Ensure correct phone number, location, e-mail id etc. are updated. Child Age range 1 should be greater than 1. 

You can also follow these simple steps to improve your content score by  checking the Ingommt Extranet's Analytics section and update missing content. 

Step 1:  Login to the Ingommt Extranet:  


Step 2: Under the Dashboard section, click on the 'Analytics’ tab.


Step 3: On the Analytics screen, you will find the Content Score scale depicting the current content score of your property. While clicking on the scale, you can see a list  missing elements  along with probable  percentage increase in the content score if you work on the missing elements. 



Step 4: Click on Property details to know accurate areas of improvement in the content score with respect to property. You will see cards like Property amenities, property image quality property image tags etc. By clicking on each one of them you will be redirected to screens where you can update the content. For example, it says add 1 amenity under common area, you will be redirected to amenities section on the Ingommt extranet so that you can update amenity for the common area section. 


Step 5: Click on Room details to see areas of improvement in the content score with respect to your property rooms. You will see card like room amenities, room image quality etc. By clicking on each task you can easily identify the actions to be taken for improving your content.  


Please note you will only see areas to improve relevant for your property. 


Click here to improve Content Score of your property

Watch this video to know more about Content.