Follow the below steps to create coupon discount for your guests:

Step 1: Login to the InGo-MMT Extranet- 



Step 2: Click on 'Grow Your Business Tab', then click on 'Promotions & Coupons'. 

Step 3: Click on "Create New Promotion" toggle button at the top on your screen to create new coupon.

Step 4:  Click on ' Create Now' button under the Coupon section.

Step 5: Enter Coupon discount between 3% to 30% discount.

Step 6: Choose the dates for which you want to apply this discount. i.e. Stay Start Date and Stay End Date. 

Step 7: You can also apply Blackout dates; these are the dates on which the coupon discount will not be applicable.


Step 8: Under Advanced Settings, you can choose the booking dates as well. 

Step 9: Click 'Activate Coupon' to apply your coupon.

Click here to apply.