MMTBlack/goTribe is a loyalty programme designed to reward our most frequent and high-spending customers. By joining this programme, you get the opportunity to boost your revenue by providing special deals to these customers. 

The previous MMTBLACK programme had 3 levels, which have now changed to 2 levels to create a more exclusive loyalty programme. 

In this new programme, the discount structure will be as below: 

  • MMTBLACK Gold:

Applicable for all members of MMTBLACK Gold/goTribe Level 2 and below. 

(goTribe members below Level 2 are eligible only for discounts, not for benefits.). 

  • MMTBLACK Platinum: 

Applicable for all members of MMTBLACK Platinum/goTribe Level 3.

Benefits you can offer:

You can offer the following benefits to MMTBLACK/goTribe members in addition to promotions and further strengthen your deal for this set of customers. 

  • Guaranteed Room Upgrade (with the option to limit the number of upgrades) 
  • Guaranteed Meal Upgrade 
  • Hotel Credits 
  • Discount on Food & Beverage/SPA

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How will participating in MMTBlack/goTribe benefit my property?