You may follow the below steps to configure Day-based promotion on your property.

Step 1: Login to the InGo-MMT Extranet- 


Step 2: Click 'Promotions & Coupon’ under 'Grow Your Business' tab.


Step 3: Click on "Create Promotion" tab and choose the Day Based Promotion.


Step 4: You can configure either flat or percentage discount.


Step 5: Enter the discount value. The logged-in discount value will be auto-populated if it is already configured. In such cases, the logged in customers will receive a higher discount compared to non-logged-in customers. 


Step 6: Select the specific days of the week on which you want to configure the promotion.

 (The blue color indicates the selected days.) 


Step 7: You may click on add new promotion window if you want to apply some other promotion for other days of the week.


Multiple promotions can be applied for different days of the week. 

Step 8:  Under Advanced settings, you can choose to apply any restrictions or settings as per your preference.

Save changes to apply promotion.

(Click here to apply for Day Based promotion)

Watch this video to know more about Promotions.