You may follow the below steps to configure Long Stay promotions.

Step 1:Login to the InGo-MMT Extranet-


Step 2: Click on the 'Promotion & Coupon’ under the 'Grow Your Business' tab.

Step 3: Click 'Create New Promotion' against ‘Long Stay Promotion'.



Step 4: Select offer type - a discount in percentage or flat discount value.


Step 5: You can choose the offer value from the available templates or enter the discount value. The logged-in discount value will be auto-populated if it is already configured. The logged-in customers will receive a higher discount than non-logged-in customers.


Step 6: Choose minimum stay duration i.e. offer a discount for 2 or more nights up to 30 nights basis the type of traveller that might come and stay at your property.


Once the promotion is activated, the discount will be offered to traveller until the promotion is deactivated or you can choose to define the dates. 

Step 7: Click on ‘Edit Dates’ and select if you want to apply the promotion basis the check-in date of the traveler or the booking date. You can also choose both booking date and stay dates.


Step 8: You can select the relevant dates- Booking Dates/Stay Dates from the calendar.


Step 9: If you want to set some limitations on the promotions like non-applicability of promotion on certain dates, making the booking non-refundable, and restricting the promotion application on pay-at-hotel bookings and on all rooms and rate plans.


Step 10: Mention the Promotion Name.


Step 11: Click on ‘Save Changes’.


(Click here to apply for Long Stay promotions) 

Watch this video to know more about Promotions.