Every hotel might have a different business need for each special audience promotion and hence might want to set a customised discount that is different from the default discount. Follow the steps below to customise your promotion:

Step 1: Login to the InGo-MMT Extranet- https://in.goibibo.com/accounts/login/?next=/extranet/

Step 2: Click on 'Performance & Coupon' under the 'Grow Your Business' tab.

Step 3: Under the Create New Promotion screen, click 'Create Now' button against the special audience promotion section.


Step 4: Just tap on the 3 dots (Kebab icon) next to any promotion that needs to be customised. Click on 'Add custom settings' and set the custom discount as per the need.

Once done, 'Customised' tag will be visible on the promotion.

Watch this quick video to learn more: