There is a great demand for couple-friendly properties, hence, to list your property as Couple-Friendly on Go-MMT, you must ensure:  

  • Allowing check-in for unmarried couples 
  • Accepting local IDs. 

You may follow these simple steps to update Couple Friendly settings -

Step 1: Login to InGo-MMT Extranet - 


Step 2: Click on the Property tab and use the policies tab to update/change policies for your property. 




Step 3:  You may click on Property Rules to view different types of policies that you can set for your property.


Step 4:  To Allow unmarried couples at the property you may make the following alterations:  

Click on Guest Profile and change the rule for unmarried couples at the property. 

Then, select “Yes” for the question “Do you allow unmarried Couples?” 

Finally, click on confirm and save the changes


Step 5:  To Accept Local IDs, you may make the following alterations:  

Head to the ‘Acceptable Identity Proofs’ tab 

Select “Yes” for “Are IDs from the same city as the property allowed?” 

Lastly, click on Confirm & save the changes.


Please note that both Unmarried Couples & Local ID policies must be accepted and confirmed by you to appear under the Couple Friendly segment on the Go-MMT websites.  


Click here to update 'Property Rules'.

Watch this video to know more about 'Policies and Property Rules'.