Being India’s leading travel platform, MakeMyTrip understands the need to promote a sustainable and responsible way of travel for Indians.  

Our mission is to educate local communities and tourists about the environmental change we can bring through responsible travelling and support various projects creating a positive impact on the environment and tourist destinations across the country.  

Registered in July 2015, MMT Foundation has been committed to 4 pillars of change 

  • Encouraging responsible tourism

  • Helping maintain Ecological balance

  • Supporting Local communities 

  • Restoring and preserving local heritage 


We collaborate with strong grassroots partners, civil societies, social enterprises, innovators, local communities, the travel value chain, local stakeholders, other corporates and philanthropies, Government, and Travellers. 


Here is a highlight of the projects supported by the MMT foundation-  



Zero Waste Destination - Sahastradhara 

With a mission to make Sahastradhara  a Zero waste destination, MMT Foundation has collaborated with SWM (Solid Waste Management) in the area. Public awareness is made through community engagement programs with locals. Regular cleanliness drive set up of trash bins, educating tourists and locals on keeping nature’s gift waste-free are some of the measures undertaken.  



Offsetting Carbon footprint through Afforestation 

We have partnered with Seva Mandir and pledged for plantation of 1 million trees in the last 7 years in the Udaipur and Rajasmanddistricts of Rajasthan.  


This initiative has not only helped in offsetting carbon footprint and integrating ecological restoration but has also created employment opportunities for the locals through Fodder production in a sustainable way.  

Local communities in these areas have come together for this project and are helping us take other development projects in these regions.  



Dense Afforestation using the Miyawaki Technique of Plantation 

Partnering with HIAL (Himalayan institutes of Alternatives, Ladakh) is a one-of-a-kind project that involves planting 1.3 Lac Trees in 2.4 years at the HIAL university.  


In this project, we are using the Miyawaki Technique which is natural and chemical-free that helps plantation grow 10 times faster and has 30 times greener surface area even in a mountainous region with extreme climatic conditions of Ladakh.  



Bridging Education 

MMT foundation has collaborated with Sanshil Foundation to support the education of 250 children of migrant labours at Bagiya, a center run by Sanshil Foundation in Gurugram, Haryana.   

We also undertake various employment volunteering activities with these children ranging from skill development, training for marathons, etc.  



Travel Support for the Blind 

We have partnered with the National Association for Blind (NAB) to provide safe and reliable commute to blind children.  

MMT Foundation has aligned vehicles for transportation, which are used to attend school, outdoor activities, and even medical emergencies.  



Plantation Across Location is on a mission to unite local communities and create large-scale native species plantation projects across many regions in the country.  

These plantation activities will lead to increased groundwater levels and easy availability of fodder.  

MMT Foundation is supporting in their mission and helping various native species plantation projects in Himalayan Mountain regions in Uttarakhand & Sikkim, Kheda, Gujarat, and cyclone-affected areas of Odisha. 



Say No to Single-Use Plastic! 

On World Environment Day celebrated on 5th June 2018, Go-MMT pledged to make our office free of single-use plastic.  

We have stocked up steel and wooden cutlery, paper cups and eliminated all single-use plastic items from our office.  

To take this pledge outside of our workspace, we have set up 4 Plastic crushing machines 3 of which are placed in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and the 4th is placed in Gurgaon, Haryana.  



Community-based Tourism and Alternate Livelihood 

Through our partnership with Worldwide Fund, India (WWF), we will support the local communities of Ladakh for the development and promotion of community-based sustainable tourism. This will be done through the setting up of 5 homestays and 6 Eco-Café’s in J&K while also setting up channels for waste collection to reduce tourism footprint. This initiative aims to help the Himalayas remain a healthy ecosystem and a great eco-friendly tourist destination while providing benefits to the local communities and wildlife. 



Neil Islands – Integrated Development plan 

MMT foundation joined hands with the government and local authorities of Andaman & Nicobar Islands to reduce single use plastic by tourists and locals in the Island.  

We started this project by a waste collection drive where our volunteers along with local students, police and Panchayat members,collecting 500Kgs of waste.  

In addition to the awareness campaign, 3 water ATMS have been setup to provide water refilling stations and set up basic facilities such as toilets, shower rooms, changing rooms, feeding grounds etc. at Bharatpur beach in the region.  



Making Travel Accessible for the Blind 

In India, out of all the people with disability 48.5% constitute of people with visual disability. Yet we do not have sufficient facilities in public places to assist people who are visually impaired, to travel independently. Through this project, we have undertaken an initiative in association with the Indian Railways and Anuprayaas, to provide navigation facilities including Braille Platform Indicators, Tactile maps, general braille signs & braille itinerary at the Chandigarh and Dehradun railway stations to help the visually impaired people travel independently with minimal assistance required. 



Covid 19 Relief work 

Covid – 19 struck us in more ways than one can imagine, we at MMT foundation were involved in multiple relief projects to help people fight through the Pandemic and creating a feeling of togetherness and support.  

  • 75+ oxygen concentrators donated to Military Hospitals, Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces 
  • 65+ oxygen concentrators donated to various public, private and charitable hospitals (including Primary                     Health Centers) 
  • 85+ oxygen concentrators donated to NGOs and Foundations (such as ACT Grants, Hemkunt Foundation,                   National Association for the Blind, etc.) 
  • 50+ oxygen concentrators donated to RWAs and societies 
  • Supporting ACT Grants to set up 3 PSA oxygen plants across India 
  • Launched CovidRide – a community participation platform to assist in transport-related problems 
  • Conceptualized and developed the Aarogya Setu App 
  • Supported setting up of the 1st Covid-19 exclusive hospital in Manesar 
  • Supported daily wage earners by serving over 1.5 lacs cooked meals and distributing 300+ ration kits 

We are continuously encouraging voluntary contribution from our employees and have also considerably contributed to the PM CARES Fund for COVID-19 relief. 


How can I donate to MMT Foundation? 

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