Once you sign up for the Sponsored Listing Programme, you become a part of our advertising solution that helps you stand out from the crowd.

This pay-per-click approach is designed to connect your property with a highly engaged travel audience through dedicated listing slots. This will help you get a higher number of visits, thus giving a boost to your conversions.

But before we start, here’s a list of recommendations for a successful campaign for your property:

Quality Score: 

Track your quality score on a daily basis and complete all the tasks that are assigned to you. This score quantifies the way properties are listed on our website and is a combination of your performance on the dynamic parameters such as inventory availability, competitive analysis, guest ratings, etc. Since these parameters have dynamic input, it is important that tasks are completed on a daily basis in order to maintain your Quality Score level.

A high quality score is equivalent to:

  • High customer and platform engagement means a good review rating score, timely booking confirmation, and no booking rejection.
  • Best rates and inventory availability
  • Effective cancellation policy

Competitive Analysis: 

Now that you have enrolled in a marketing camp, it becomes even more important that your pricing is on par with all other OTAs. The Competitive Analysis tool will help you do exactly that by letting you know for which searched dates we have higher rates than other platforms. Corrections to such cases can be easily done through this feature, and it will precisely tell you what correction is required, such as Rate not available, Room type not active, inventory not available, Go-MMT rates are expensive, etc.

Click on the "Resolve Now" button, and the screen will allow you to make the required corrections.

Do note that it is not advisable that you increase the pricing on our platform due to this paid marketing campaign, as this will result in low conversions even though your property will be getting more visits.

Content score:

This feature consists of all the static parameters of the listing of your property, such as images, videos, basic information, amenities, etc. This is mostly a one-time activity, and the logic placed around this feature will automatically tell you what is required more to showcase your property better on the funnels. Keeping up with the latest safety and hygiene protocols, we also require that you update images and tags with regards to sanitization at your property. This will instill the confidence the customer needs to book your property. This score can easily be achieved at 100% by completing all the requirements shared at both the property and room level.

Competitor Information: 

Considering that this is a paid marketing campaign in which you have invested, it becomes very important that, throughout the campaign, you keep a close track on the pricing and discounting of your comp set hotels. To start with, please ensure that you tag nine such competition hotels within the hyper-location of your property. Keep a tab on their pricing through our feature, Insights & Trends on the Dashboard and Competitor Pricing & Demand on the Analytics Tab. Ensure that the product you are pricing through a rate or promotion is on par with your comp set.

Here’s a summary of the checklist for you:

  • Right Rates 
  • Enough Inventory 
  • Best Promotions 
  • Up-to-date Content
  • Positive Guest Reviews

When all of this is done right, there is no stopping a successful marketing campaign! We are in this with you, together!

Reach out to your business managers if you have any concerns.

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