Yes, you can maintain different content for Hourly Stays (visible on the B2C application including Goibibo and MakeMyTrip) from the parent room, including room details, occupancy, amenities, photos, etc.  

During set up of Hourly Stays: 

You can edit amenities you don’t wish to offer with Hourly Stays during the onboarding process. On changing the amenities, you will get an option to change the Room Description, Photos & Videos.   

Step 1: Under Room Details, click ‘Edit’ to remove the amenities you don’t wish to offer with Hourly Stays.  




Step 2: On clicking edit, the Room Amenities” right menu option will open on your Hourly Stays screen.  Switch to “No” against each amenity you don’t want to offer with Hourly Stays.   


Step 3: On editing the amenities, you will get an option to change the Room Description and hide the Photos & Videos 




Step 1: Click on ‘Calendar View’ under the ‘Rates & Inventory’ tab on the left navigation pane.  



Step 2: Under ‘Manage Inventory, Rates & Restrictions’, click on the ‘HOURLY STAYS’ tab to exclusively manage the Hourly Stays.  


Step 3: Click the Settings button to update room details, pricing & availability and cancellation policy.  



Step 4: Click ‘Details’ against the Room tab to update room details visible to customers on MakeMyTrip and Goibibo app and website. 


Step 5: You can change the room name, room description, and bed type.  


Step 6: Update the maximum guest occupancy.  


Step 7: Click ‘Details’ against the Amenities tab to add/remove the same.  



Step 8: Click ‘Details’ against the Photos & Videos tab to upload/delete the pictures and videos.  



Click “Save & Continue”.  

Note: You can also update the content for Hourly Stays under the “Property” tab in the left navigation pane.    

Will a customer be able to book an extra bed?