The multi-booking feature allows more than one Hourly Stays booking per room within the day. Follow the instructions below to set the multi-booking feature. 

During the setup of Hourly Stays:  

Step 1: Under Pricing & Availability, click ‘Yes’ to allow for multi-booking.   

Step 2: Under housekeeping duration, select a 1-hour or 2-hour period that you will need to make the room ready.




Step 1: Click on ‘Calendar View’ under the ‘Rates & Inventory’ tab on the left navigation pane. 


Step 2: Under ‘Manage Inventory, Rates & Restrictions’, click on the ‘HOURLY STAYS’ tab to exclusively manage the Hourly Stays.  


Step 3: Click the ‘Settings’ button.  


Step 4: Click ‘Details’ against the Pricing & Availability tab. 



Step 5: Select ‘Yes’ to turn on the multi-booking. 


Step 6: Click ‘Save Changes’. 

Will other hotel policies apply to Hourly Stays?