The goSTAYS and MMT ValueStays property’s performance can be tracked through InGoMMT Extranet. Follow the instructions below to view performance and manage inventory trends of your property. 

Step 1: Login to the Ingommt Extranet: 

Step 2: Click on ‘goStays’ under the ‘Grow Your Business’ tab on the left navigation pane.  

Step 3: Under Performance Trends, view current and previous month’s inventory. Also, you can keep track of your ‘average selling price’ before and after enrollment. 

Step 4: Under Future Inventory Trendsview your Inventory TargetTotal Inventory Offered and percentage of ‘Inventory Offered as of Today’. 

Note: If th‘Total Inventory Offered’ values are colour-coded in ‘green’, your property has achieved the inventory target for the respective check-in dates. In case the ‘Total Inventory Offered’ values are marked in ‘red’ colouryou have not offered exclusive 50% inventory to Go-MMT (T&C applies) on all such check-in dates.  

Resolve the ‘Target Violations’: 

Step 5: Under Future Inventory Trends, click on the percentage value against the ‘Inventory Offered as of Today column for the check-in date for which you want to resolve the target violation. 

Note: Currently, you will be redirected to “Manage Inventory, Rates & Restrictions”, where you can update the inventory for the respective check-in dates, for continued participation in the programme. 

Can I Opt out of the “goSTAYS & MMT ValueStays” Programme?