Step 1: Log in to the InGoMMT Extranet:  

Step 2: Click on “Daily Steal Deals” under “Grow Your Business” tab on the left navigation pane.


Step 3: Under “Select Discount”, choose the desired percentage of discount you want to offer. (This will be over and above other deals & discounts applicable)  

Step 4: Next Select Dates. Choose your preferred dates when you wish to offer the Daily Steal Deals discount. (You can select a maximum of 12 non-consecutive dates in a month).  

Step 5: Set the Stay Date Condition. You can choose the duration for which a customer can book a stay at your property.  

Step 6: Under Blackout Dates, choose the dates on which Daily Steal Deals are not applicable for your property.  

Step 7: Click Activate to finalize and set up the promotion.  

Your new deal will show up on the Daily Steal Deals page in the Summary/Offered Dates section.  

Your new deal will be active for the dates you selected while setting it up. It will automatically copy the policies and restrictions from your standard rate. For example, if your standard room rate includes breakfast or is non-refundable, your new deal will be too.   

What Are Daily Steal Deals (DSD)?