You will be able to check all your bookings on InGoMMT Extranet in a few simple steps

Step 1: Login to InGoMMT Extranet-

Step 2: Click ‘Bookings list’, under ‘Bookings’ tab

Step 3: To search for a specific booking, you can search via Booking ID or Guest Name. 


Step 4: To refine your search, tick one or more options under the Filter icon. To filter your bookings based on the date rage of booking/check-in/check-out, payment status, invoice status, customer payment status, or booking status, select the filter fields and click Apply.

Step 5: For each booking, the info you can view includes: 

  • guest and/or booker name
  • Stay dates (check-in and check-out dates)
  • room or unit booked
  • Net amount
  • booking id number

Step 6: Click the guest's name to see more information including any special requests or messages, as well as info such as your guest’s contact details, rate breakup, and payment settlement status.

Step 7: If you’d like to print out or share the details of the reservation over email, click Get Voucher