You will be able to check the payment status of reservations on InGoMMT in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Login to InGoMMT Extranet-


 Step 2: Click on ‘Payments’ tab.

You can view the payment settlement status against each booking along with the payment breakup and details. 

Check if the payment is processed or pending. If it is processed, you will also be able to view the bank reference number of the transaction, which can help you to track the payment in your account. You'll see the below pop-up on the screen after clicking on 'view details'.

Click here to check your payment status, against every booking


For each booking’s payment status, you can also view the rate break up and payment settlement status under the ‘Bookings’ tab.

Step 1: Login to InGoMMT Extranet-

Step 2: Click ‘Bookings list’, under ‘Bookings’ tab

Step 3: Click the guest name to see the Rate breakup, and payment settlement status

For any further payment related query, please mail us at