You can enable hourly stays again by increasing room availability or adjusting the Inventory Cut-Off limit. You can enable hourly stays using one of the following methods: 

a) Hover over the ARI (Hourly Stays) input box and click the 'Enable Hourly' option. 

b) In the expanded view for a day, you'll find the 'Enable Hourly' option in the hourly slot and booking view. 


When you select to enable hourly stays, you'll have two choices: 


Choice 1: Increase the full-day room inventory above the set limit. The minimum increase should be the cut-off value plus one (Cut-off Value + 1). For example, if the cut-off is set at 5 and the current inventory is 4, you need to increase the full-day inventory to at least 6 to make hourly stays sellable. 

Choice 2: Reduce the Inventory Cut-Off limit. 

  • If you choose to decrease the cut-off, it will be reduced for all future dates. This will be indicated on the screen in a dialogue box. 

Note: The suggested parent room inventory value is equal to the threshold value plus 2.