There is no limit on the number of photos of the property that you can upload. However, we recommend that you upload photos both at a property level and at a room level basis your property's 'star rating' and property 'type.'


  • All the properties should upload more than 30 property-level photos (include Facade, Reception, Entrance, Lobby/Common Areas, Amenities) and more than 4 room-level photos (Bedrooms, Washrooms, Room views, Amenities, etc).
  • If your property is either 4 Star or 5 Star, you should upload more than 40 property level photos and more than 5 room level photos. 

InGo-MMT Extranet will assess the quality of photos that you upload. Duplicate photos, low-resolution photos, watermarked photos will get rejected and will not get displayed on the website or app. Hence, it is recommended to upload unique high-quality photos.

Note: For high resolution images, we recommend the resolution to be 1200*800 pixels. Minimum resolution of an image should be 1000*1000 pixels and size upto 10 MB.


Click here to upload your property's 'Photos.'


'How can i add photos of my property?'

Watch the quick tutorial to learn more: