GST registration is not mandatory for properties like homestays, hostels, apartments, etc. Do not worry if you do not have a GST issued for your property, you can still do business with us by accepting the GST NOC agreement. You can update or change your GST details quite easily on Go-MMTTo make the changes just follow the below-mentioned steps. 


Step 1:Log in to InGo-MMT Extranet ( 






Step 2: On your left, you will find a tab named ‘Property’, where you will find all the necessary details regarding your property. 

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Step 3: By clicking on the ‘Financial and Bank Details’ tab, you will be redirected to the page where all the details encompassing your Finance and Banking are available. 



Step 4: Log in with an OTP sent to the account email linked with your property or your registered mobile number. This will ensure the privacy of your information. 


Shown below for reference. 

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Step 5: Now go to GST Details and Taxes column to change or update your GST details. You will find the option to 'CHANGE GST DETAILS' there.   


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Step 6: In case you do not have GST for your property, you can accept the GST NOC agreement available on InGo-MMT Extranet and proceed with the same.  





This way you can simply accept the GST NOC Agreement and continue to list your property with Go-MMT.  

Click Here to check your financial and bank details. 


Click Here to know -’How to change or update the GST Details?' 


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