Cancellation Policies can be defined at a Property Level/Rate Plan Level and Promotion Level. 

  • ‘Free Cancellation till Check-in’ is the most flexible cancellation policy. If this policy is applied, all other existing policies in the system become null and void. 

  • In case all three of them are applied, Promotion Level will get picked up, and if Property and Rate Plan Level are applied, the Rate- Plan Level will get picked up.

  • When there are different cancellation policies on rate plan and property level, then rate plan level policy will supersede hotel level cancellation policy if the booking is made for that rate plan. For example: In case you have defined 24 Hours Free Cancellation at Property Level and for one of your rate-plan you have created a non refundable cancellation policy, the booking will be made on non-refundable cancellation policy since the guest made a booking for this rate-plan.

  • While creating any 'promotion,' you may make it non-refundable., This means that if any traveller makes a booking using that promotion, the booking will be non-refundable. 

  • In case you have created a 24 Hours Free Cancellation Policy at the Property Level, a 48 Hours Free Cancellation Policy at the Rate Plan Level, and you have also created a 'non-refundable' promotion at a Property Level, any booking that you receive will become non refundable for the guests.

  • But in case you have also activated Free Cancellation till Check-in, it will supersede all other policies and all the bookings that you receive will become refundable.

Watch this video to know more about 'Cancellation Policies'.