Cancellation Policies

How do I define the cancellation Policies?
You can define your property's cancellation policies in a few simple steps.   Step 1: Login to Ingommt Extranet:
How can I create a separate 'Cancellation Rule' for any of my 'Rate Plan'?
You can define Cancellation Policy at a rate plan level in a few simple steps.   Step 1:Login to Ingommt Extranet:
What are the benefits of offering 'Flexible Cancellation Policy'?
'Flexible Cancellation Policy' implies offering easy and convenient cancellation rules to the travelers so that they can  create/make bookings witho...
What are the different types of 'Free Cancellation Policies'?
There are various 'Free Cancellation Policies' that you can offer to your guests. The more flexible your cancellation policies, better are the chanc...
What are Hotel Level, Rate plan level and Promotion level cancellation Policies?
Cancellation Policies can be defined at a Property Level/Rate Plan Level and Promotion Level.  ‘Free Cancellation till Check-in’ is the most flexible can...