You must check the guest reviews for your property routinely in order to understand your hotel operations from the customer’s perspective and improve your services to provide a pleasant stay experience. You may follow the below-mentioned steps to check the guest reviews on the  Ingommt Extranet.

Step 1: Login to the Ingommt Extranet-  

 Step 2: Under the Dashboards section, click on 'Reviews Tab'. 

  Step 3: You can view guests reviews for both 'MakemyTrip' & 'Goibibo using the toggle.



Step 4: Click on 'All Reviews' to view the list of all reviews which includes Replied, Not Replied, Booking Reviews, Non-Booking Reviews & Photo Reviews.


Step 5: Click on 'Not Replied' to check all the reviews to which you need to reply.


Step 6: Click on 'Replied' to check all the reviews to which you have already replied..


Step 7: Click on ' Booking Reviews' to view all the reviews along with the booking Ids of the guests, who have stayed at your property..


Step 8: Click on 'Non Booking Reviews' to check reviews of the guests, who have not stayed at your property but have still given the review. However, we are no longer accepting any non booking reviews.


Step 9: Click on 'Photo Reviews' to check reviews of your property, wherein the guests have uploaded 'photos’ of your property.



Click here,to view your property's reviews.


You can also check all your reviews on the Ingommt mobile application.